It is all about food

Wow. Danish Crown has an impressive website.

I like to tell digital stories ─ to customers and employees and help them to get a better understanding of an organisation. To zoom in and out and categorize what is need to know and nice to know and to work with user experience and user-friendliness.

Content must be short and clickable

I have designed external websites and intranet & produced content and lot’s more at Aarhus University and Aarhus School of Business. It has taught me to create content with coherence.

I like to do diverse tasks and is a specialist when it comes to writing news and finding material and pictures.  News must be both easily accessible and digestible. Otherwise, they will not be read. Websites must be designed with a clear structure and targeted to its users.

I can make a difference


My four most valuable abilities to be brought into play at Danish Crown:

  1. I am passionate about writing digital news
  2. I like to set up a clear structure on platforms and to use statistics to select the structure
  3. It is my strong side to coordinate tasks between people and secure a good workflow
  4. My father is English, and I can talk and write about almost anything in English

Happier pigs in the future

For 21 years it has been my career to make research exciting and easy to read. I have disseminated research about consumers, marketing and food at the MAPP Centre. Along the way I developed Being part of the MAPP Centre gave me a huge insight into what people eat and drink.

I hope I have made you curious about what I can do as part of your team and look forward to hearing from you. I will naturally participate in a detailed interview.

Yours sincerely,

Julia Rolsted Stacey


Further Information:

CV presentation

I have written articles about the meat industry several times. Here you can read two examples: